AppX for Desktop Bridge

Why AppX and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

You may be wondering why you should repackage your application to the new AppX format for desktop applications, what are the advantages? Here are only a few:

  • The AppX format offers a safe and easy installation process
  • No code changes required, keep on working on your current Win32/.NET code
  • Publish your app in the Windows Store
  • Access UWP APIs from your current code base
  • Extend your application with live tiles, notifications, app identity and many more

Free AppX Converter

Our new free tool, Desktop Bridge Setup Converter, offers you an easy solution to convert and test your application packaged with the new AppX format. Just download our tool by pressing the button below, and get ready to publish to the Windows Store.

Don’t worry, there are no code changes required to your application to perform the conversion. For more details and tutorials check out the Desktop Bridge Setup Converter page.

AppX and MSI from Advanced Installer

If you already have a project built with Advanced Installer that generates an MSI/EXE, you can easily build an AppX too from that project with just one click, using any of our paid editions. (You don't need the Desktop Bridge Setup Converter anymore.)

Advanced Installer lets you customize your AppX and offers a seamless experience with features like adding visual assets (logo, splash screen, badge, tiles), supported rotations, notifications, dependencies, and much more.

We also offer a free Visual Studio Plugin that can be downloaded from the marketplace, and with which you can package your application as an AppX and also debug it inside of an UWP container builds.

Desktop Bridge Packaging