Written quoteSelect the product and servicesA “Plus“ license is identical with its named license type, but includes a 24-month Maintenance Plan (besides the 6 months included by default for all licenses), with a 25% discount.
Professional Plus
For Java
For Java Plus
Enterprise Plus
Enterprise Floating
Architect Plus
Architect Floating
Professional to For Java Upgrade
Professional to Enterprise Upgrade
Professional to Architect Upgrade
For Java to Enterprise Upgrade
For Java to Architect Upgrade
Enterprise to Architect Upgrade
Enterprise to Enterprise Floating
Architect to Architect Floating
Enterprise Floating to Architect Floating
Maintenance PlanNO ITEM SELECTED
Professional 12-month Maintenance Extension
Professional 24-month Maintenance Extension
Professional Maintenance Renewal
For Java 12-month Maintenance Extension
For Java 24-month Maintenance Extension
For Java Maintenance Renewal
Enterprise 12-month Maintenance Extension
Enterprise Floating 12-month Maintenance Extension
Enterprise Floating Maintenance Renewal
Enterprise 24-month Maintenance Extension
Enterprise Maintenance Renewal
Architect 12-month Maintenance Extension
Architect 24-month Maintenance Extension
Architect Maintenance Renewal
Architect Floating 12-month Maintenance Extension
Architect Floating Maintenance Renewal
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